Light, Form + The Stage

Course Description

This hands-on course teaches students to customize graphical content (video, image) and then map this content on to physical 3D objects using Isadora, a node-based graphic programming software. Students will have the opportunity to put these techniques to use by workshopping with actors, local curators, and other key players in the communications industry, architecture and interior design and the arts.

Learning Objectives

1. theory: best practices for digital augmentation in a physical world, projection art, principles of light, colour theory and interaction design

2. image/video production: make digital content your own through filters, compositing, special effects, editing, masking, keying

3. projection mapping & interaction: map your own customized images and videos onto 3D surfaces, and develop manual & live input as actuators

4. conceptual development: learn to articulate and execute a raw idea from inception to a real-world exhibition

5. industry engagement: deliver an innovative and sustainable production in collaboration with industry partners