Guerrilla Motion Design

Course Description

Before we can map, we need something to map. There are plenty of sites to source content such as archival footage, VJ loops, etc., but for the more precise artist, the only way to make your artwork a carbon copy of your thoughts is through the production of your own graphical assets. A great way to do that is motion graphic design. Learn the basics of: perspective, staging, pacing, and appeal while learning the technical skills of keyframing, compositing, and GPU-accelerated rendering for performance-based projects, all with Adobe After Effects CC.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a concept for your animation with storyboards and moodboards.
  • Learn where to find free plugins and effects to take your animation to the next level and streamline workflow.
  • Implement the principles of motion graphic design.
  • Incorporate your animation into existing videos.
  • Best practices for performance-based work such as real-time playback optimization.